A list of virtual meetings is available by clicking the button below.

The coronavirus pandemic has necessitated an unprecedented proliferation of ad hoc virtual meetings.  As a result of our OA community’s amazing effort to rapidly fill the void resulting from the prohibition of physical gatherings, the majority of the virtual meetings listed here were created using accounts provided by individual fellows—they were not established with the intergroup’s involvement. Overeaters Anonymous San Fernando Valley Intergroup cannot attest to each meeting’s observation of various OA Traditions when third-party, cloud-based, cross-device, tools are in use. Discretion is advised.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the SFVIG OA office will be closed to OA meetings, and all in-person meetings scheduled on the calendar will be listed as on hold until further notice.

You do NOT have to register to attend any OA meeting.

Overeaters Anonymous has approximately 6,500 meetings in over 80 countries. Not looking for a face-to-face meeting? You can also attend meetings by telephone, online, or in non-real-time (meetings that do not meet in real time, such as loops, social media, and mobile apps).

Printable meeting directories are available via our newsletter page.