Guide to Finding and Accessing Meetings

An easy way to see and connect with the intergroup’s official meetings is to click the word MEETINGS near the top of almost any page on—this will open the intergroup’s web site calendar where various meetings are displayed according to month, day/date, and time.

Meetings Menu Item Opens Calendar Page

Clicking the word HOME near the top of almost any page on opens the landing page where scrolling down reveals an automatically updated “Meetings” column with a timely, chronological mini-list of meetings.

Scrolling Down the Home Page Reveals a Timely Mini-List of Meetings

A list of meetings is available via this link. The list is stored on a cloud-based service that is not part of, and is therefore likely to be accessible even if the intergroup’s web site is offline or malfunctioning. The list can be bookmarked in a web browser for direct access without having to navigate through A copy of the file may be downloaded to a personal electronic device* (phone, computer, tablet, etc).

*If the file is downloaded to a personal electronic device, that copy of the list will not be updated when changes are made to the online version. It is recommended that a downloaded copy of the list be re-downloaded from time to time to help ensure the information in the document is current.

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