OA Women’s Retreat Survey

To our Beautiful OA Women,

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, we – the OA Women’s Retreat Committee – are requesting feedback from our fellowship regarding our yearly Women’s Retreat, which typically takes place at the Holy Spirit Retreat Center in Encino, CA. It’s unfortunate challenges we are experiencing at this time. In an effort to unite and come together for a common cause, but consider the greater good of our fellows, we would like to take a group conscience of those who have attended or those that might be interested in attending our yearly retreat. We’d appreciate your feedback on the questions below. Feel free to email you responses to our email address at [email protected]. You may also mail your feedback via mail to: Karen R., 6901 Rubio Avenue, Lake Balboa, CA 91406

Assuming all Government mandated Shelter in Place orders are lifted by November 13, 2020…

  1. Would you intend to register for the Annual OA Women’s Retreat on site at the Holy Retreat Center, as normally scheduled with over-night stays in their dormitory rooms with a suite mate?
  2. If you answered no to question #1, would you be interested in attending, in person, if it was two days of workshops, no overnight stays.
  3. As an option, would you be interested in attending the retreat/workshop via Zoom for a reduced registration fee?

We look forward to sharing a weekend of recovery with you. We greatly appreciate your feedback.

In Service, the OA Women’s Retreat Committee:
Celeste Y., Cindy S., Michelle G. and Karen R.

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